Investment Advisory Services


Investment ServicesTKM Financial Services, LLC provides process-driven investment advisory services:

   Interviews/discussions/consultations with client to determine the following: time horizon, risk tolerance, income needs, liquidity requirements, client’s previous investment experience;
   Development of goals and objectives based upon circumstances
   Drafting and adoption of an Investment Policy Statement (such “IPS” is reviewed annually for change in circumstances)
   Continuous asset management based upon the needs and risk tolerance of the client

Upon establishment of the client’s portfolio, the Firm reviews the account quarterly or more often depending on the type of account, market conditions and when necessary to rebalance the portfolio according to risk, goals and objectives.


The Firm’s investment recommendations are not limited to any specific product or service. The Firm will generally include advice on the following securities:

    Exchange-listed securities, i.e. NYSE
    Securities traded Over-The-Counter
    Corporate debt securities (other than Commercial Paper)
    Municipal Securities
    Mutual Fund/Exchange-Traded Fund shares
    U.S. Government Securities
    Options Strategies


TKM Financial Services provides investment advisory services for accounts including, but not limited to:

    Investment accounts - personal and corporate
    Family Limited Partnerships
    529 Plans


Regarding “Soft Dollars,” this is a practice of paying broker-dealer firms for their services, i.e. research, cost for technology, periodicals, etc., through commission revenue on client trades versus direct payment by the Firm. TKM Financial Services, LLC does not participate in soft-dollar programs with any broker-dealers.

TKM Financial Services, LLC also does not accept 12(b)1 fees nor does it accept any commissions on mutual funds. This ensures a client-first philosophy and protocol.

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Did You Know?

Many banks and broker/dealers receive sales commissions, "fee trailers" and/or 12(b)1 fee kickbacks from the mutual funds they use? TKM Financial Services, LLC does not participate in these commissions and soft-dollar arrangements, thus ensuring client interests are always ahead of its own!

The investment management fee schedule of many banks allows the bank to increase client fees without the client agreeing to such? The fee schedule of TKM Financial Services, LLC requires for both the firm and the client to agree on any fee increases.

Note: Under CFP© Board of Standards, Inc. protocol, the technical classification for TKM Financial Services compensation is “Commission and Fee-Based.”