1) In serving the financial planning needs of a married couple, we completed a debt assessment.  In reviewing their finances, we advised to consolidate higher interest debt (along with the higher interest mortgage) into one, lower rate mortgage.
In delivering our services, we met the couple at the mortgage company to assist in analyzing the best product to utilize.  (Yes, we accompanied them there!).  After all was said and done, we freed up over $920 dollars in cash flow a month, reduced 5 payments into one, reduced the rate on the original mortgage from 6.25% to 4.50% (and reduced credit card interest rates of 18% to 22% into the tax-deductible rate of 4.50%).
Also, the clients agreed to reduce the volume of credit cards they hold and are utilizing the extra cash flow to allocate to savings and to allocate to principal pay downs on the mortgage!
2) During our Insurance Assessment for a married couple, we reviewed their life insurance policies.  Husband had two policies and wife had 3 policies.  We leveraged our relationship with Ash Brokerage, Inc. and submitted requests from insurance companies for offers to restructure their policies by leveraging the cash value of the policies.
Once completed, we were able to consolidate the five policies into 2 (one for each client).  We were also able to eliminate any future premiums, guarantee the policies through age 120 for each person and were able to increase the death benefits.
In summary, we were able to save the clients over $30,000 in upcoming premiums AND we were able to increase their death benefits by a total of over $110,000!  Thus, bringing a total extra value to them of over $140,000!
― Testimonials